Central Atlantic Conference General Synod Shelter Project

The 2016 State of Homelessness Report indicates that there were over 26,000 people homeless in the geography covered by the Central Atlantic Conference.   That is a lot of people to be without shelter during the cold nights of November through March where the temperatures can drop to single digits.  In keeping with the General Synod Service Project on Homelessness, the Injustice Walks, the CAC is inviting you to participate in our "Shelter Project." 

We are asking attendees to make or purchase hats, gloves, scarves, and socks.  In addition, we will be collecting “Ugly Quilts” (sleeping bags) or blankets including a small pillow with each.  These items are to be brought to General Synod where they will be collected and distributed to the homeless throughout the Central Atlantic Conference during the winter months.  Written directions on making the quilts are available here or you can see a YouTube video here.  If you are unable to bring items with you, we are happy to accept financial donations for the purchase of these items.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact  Jill White (gs2017lac@gmail.com) or Sheila Helgerson (sheila@umhousing.org).

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